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        Industrial 3D printing solution supplier  Foundry enterprise partner

        As one of the pioneers of the earliest 3D printing technology in China, Fenghua Zhuoli has been deeply engaged in the research, development and innovation of 3DP (micro drop jet Binder Jetting) sand mold printing technology for the past 20 years. Since the first generation commercial industrial 3DP sand printer was launched in 2006, it has so far provided sand mold printing equipment for hundreds of customers at home and abroad, and provided technical consulting and product services for sand mold 3D printing and rapid casting for more than 1000 customers at home and abroad, It has promoted the development of the whole sand mold 3D printing technology industry, and has become a world-renowned industrial 3D printing solution supplier and partner of casting enterprises.

        Large size PCM2500 sand 3D printer

        Large size PCM2500 sand 3D printer

        Through the layout of industrialization, to meet the needs of regional casting customers, through fast production, model optimization to support the digital sand casting of local enterprises. Our microdrop inkjet 3D printers can produce complex cores and molds while providing 15 day delivery of metal sample products.

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        Sand 3D Printing

        Metal 3D Printing

        3D Material And Binder

        3D Material And Binder

        Open source printing materials and proprietary adhesive systems (inorganic and organic adhesives) maintain the good adaptability of equipment and materials, and can print sand powder materials, ceramic powder materials, metal powder materials, etc.In combination with the local material needs of users, it can effectively reduce the cost of enterprise materials and provide customized material process development services.

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        Latest News

        From PCM300 to PCM2500 series products, we have continuously updated, innovated and developed, and successfully launched the fifth generation of intelligent printing equipment; By building a 3D printing+casting intelligent manufacturing production demonstration base in Chengdu, we will continue to expand the 3DP printing application market, and promote the digital, green and intelligent upgrading of China's intelligent manufacturing industry.

        Our Clients

        Focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial grade 3DP technology high-end equipment, from industrial design to application research, we always adhere to excellence, continuous learning and progress, committed to building a leading brand of 3DP printing equipment in China。

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